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Winners Circle Farm is a small private barn producing just one or two foals per year. Our goal is to breed rare golden warmbloods suitable in the disciplines of dressage, show-jumping and eventing. We specialize in starting the young horse with the correct foundation and strive hard to create a sound open-minded companion that is all-round in training. Trail and exposure to different facilities are also important aspects of the young horses training here with us. Strong emphasis is made on teaching excellent ground manners and starting the young horses' riding career with trust and mutual respect. Foals are being handled from the day they are born and attention to all the horses needs are carefully being meet, giving each individual the best possible start in life to develop to their full potential. Young horses are started when mentally and physically ready, and not just because they have reached a certain age.
Feel free to e-mail for questions about any of the horses or if you want to talk color genetics.


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                                        Winners Circle Farm Maria

Below is 2013 colt "Leo" by Limoncello II out of Blue Eyed Moksha.


Oct 27
: Wow, all of a sudden it has been many many months since last update. Two mares in foal for 2016 and the acquiring of a brand new exciting stallion prospect would have to be the highlight as of now. 
Jan 30:
Starting this exciting year off with a return to TX. The horses have arrived safe and sound from Canada and has settled into their brand new stalls here at Winners Circle Farm. Shevelle is 8 month along and we are very excited to meet her second foal in April.

News from WCF 2014:

Oct 28:
Latest news from WCF: South Beach GES (SoBe) has been sold and is findign her new home in California for a sport career until later one when she will be having lovely babies in Colorado. Many congratulations to the Farmer family. Shevelle is well in foal and already looking quite large. Solana is settling in to the cold north and although she has no winter fur, she does great with her fancy wardrobe.
August 10: Once again time has flown by and it has been a while since last WCF update. Shevelle was confirmed in foal at 60 days for an April 2015 Mitril foal. Solana made the long trip to Calgary from Houston and she has settled in just great. Shevelle's handsome colt has been weaned and now is getting ready for his RPSI inspection in September. The Summer has been great with lots of riding on Shevelle and she is coming along nicely.
March 15: Shevelle had her first born at 5:30am. A tall dark and handsome sooty buckskin colt. Incredible enough, that same night the foal bought inutero from Blazing Colours Farm was also born. WCF got a twofer that night.
March 4: Shevelle is now 351 days along and not in a rush to share her baby. Meanwhile, the inutero foal we bought is really close too, so this is a very exciting month. With a bit of luck we will end up with two buckskin pinto's.
Jan 26:
Shevelle and Mitril's 2015 foal has been sold. Congratulations to Ashley on being able to buy what is sure she be a FANTASTIC foal.

Jan 9: Happy new year. The year ended with a barn change for Shevelle and SoBe. The girls now live in luxury at the amazing High View Equestrian Center. I want to thank Brittany and all the boarders at HVEC for making me feel so welcome.
SoBe has been sold to the Hewitt family and I want to wish them all the luck with this talented, stunning girl. Shevelle is well into her third trimester with only 45days or so to go before the arrival of her highly anticipated Sagar foal.

News from WCF 2013:
Oct 10: Leo made it safe and sound to Karlin in Washington. Congratulations on finally seeing this stunning boy in person.
Sep 16: Time flies. SoBe and Shevelle arrived to Calgary on July 29th and although the shipper did a poor job keeping the girls in good shape, they have now totally adjusted to their new home and routine. Shevelle is now 6 month in foal and so far so good is doing fantastic. SoBe is growing up to be a fantastic stunning girl and although it breaks me heart she is offered for sale.
Gorgeous young N'Lumiere (Leo) is now weaned and will be headed to his new home in Washington where he will be raised as a stallion prospect. He has his own facebook page "N'Lumiere" with his new owner Karlin.
July 23: The girls started their long journey to Calgary. Wishing and hoping for safe travels for them.
July 5:
Getting settled in Calgary and currently anxiously awaiting the arrival of Shevelle and SoBe.
June: Was a crazy month with packing, organizing, deciding which horses to bring to Canada and where to leave the remaining horses.
May 23: The amazing Moksha gave birth to a picture perfect stunning palomino colt on May 16th. Congratulations to Karlin, who bought this golden boy inutero.
April 26:
WCF will be leaving Texas for a period. The family and some of the horses are moving to Canada this Summer. I love the herd of horses i currently have, so I have made boarding arrangements for some and will bring one or two with me. It will be a very big change for the hot Texas climate, but I am excited about this new adventure. We are keeping the farm here, so I always have this place to come back to when I need to thaw out :-)
April 8: Amazing news today. Shevelle checked in foal to Sagar for a late Feb 2014 foal.
April 6:
Beijing has arrived from Colorado, ready to start her under saddle training. She is a complete doll and will no doubt make someone an amazing show horse.
March 11:
Shevelle is back in training and doing fantastic. Later this month she will be bred to the perlino warmblood stallion Sagar. Moksha is doing great and is getting huge. Her 2013 foal by Limoncello II is due mid May. This foal was sold in-utero. Moksha's 2014 foal that she is not yet in foal with, has been sold already also. I am so excited for these two foals owners to be. Early April WCF is going to welcome a new horse to the farm. Is it an amazing buckskin mare after Blue Eyed Dream that is coming to get started under saddle and will be offered for sale. See more on sales page.
Feb 2:
Some VERY exciting courses and training camps ahead for 2013. First Janey Foy/Steffen Peters Symposium at Texover Farm on February 16th and 17th and then, OMG I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS ONE; a four day training camp with "Imagine a horse". I have wanted to do this so long. Soon all WCF horses will be sitting politely on each their bean-bag!!!!!
Jan 29: It is official. Stunning Moksha gets to stay at WCF for another couple of years. She is due mid May with a Limoncello II (Holsteiner) foal. This foal has already been sold. She will be bred to Arts Aero (pinto Oldenburg) for a 2014 foal. This foal will be available for sale in-utero. Please inquire.
Jan 20:
Exciting new plans for WCF. Trying to decide on which stallions to pick for the mares for the 2014 babies. Am really hoping to be able to keep the amazing Moksha for one more breeding season. I have a few possibilities in mind for her. Also, may be getting a few sales horses down in training. Looking forward to working with these high quality golden horses.
Jan 1:
Cannot wait to meet our first and only foal for the season, due in May. This golden Limoncello II foal is going to be spectacular.

News From Winners Circle Farm 2012:

Merry Christmas and Happy new year from WCF
Nov 23: SoBe has arrived. She is EVERYTHING I had hoped. HUGE and stunning. Love her.
Nov 18:
Saffron arrived safe and sound to the cold Colorado. Now getting ready for the arrival of the amazing SoBe on Nov 21st.
Oct 23:
Saffron GES is getting ready for her trip to Colorado. Arrangements are being made for a new addition to WCF to arrive mid November. The stunning filly South Beach GES is a Holsteiner on dam side and after Czech stallion Sagar. I cannot wait to meet this flashy girl.

Oct 14: WCF purchased our first pony, a young buckskin mare. She has been named Cinnamon. She is skinny, neglected, wormy and may in fact be in foal, BUT she is a kind quiet loving pony and we are excited to be able to give her a better life.
Aug 22:
WCF is ecstatic to announce that the amazing Shevelle now has her permanent home here with us in Texas. I LOVE this mare and cannot believe she is here for good. Thank you so much to Stephanie at Roanoke Farm for making this purchase possible.
Aug 5:
Shevelle had her show debut and scored a 1st and a 2nd place with GREAT remarks from the judge.
June 30:
Moksha has been confirmed in foal to Limoncello II.
June 26:
We are very happy and excited to report that WCF was able to purchase Moksha's super filly now named Saffron GES.
June 8: Mama Moksha and foal (temporarily named S'mores) are doing fantastic. Moksha is a super mom. Shevelle was inseminated for the fourth time. We had to make the decision to change stallion as semen consistently arrived in poor shape. I am very excited about getting a foal out of this amazing mare so I have my fingers crossed.
June 5: Big surprise today when Moksha gave birth to a flawless cremello filly, in the middle of the afternoon and 3 weeks early. You would never know though. This girl is leggy and perfectly proportioned and certainly not missing size.
April 29: RPSI is opening up an extra inspection site in Houston. Please contact WCF or RPSI to register to get your foal, mare or stallion approved with a major warmblood registry.
April 22: Shevelle was bred yesterday and ovulated as planned. Fingers crossed for a little mini Shevelle growing right this minute. Ultrasound scheduled for May 8th
April 18: Shevelle is being bred later this week and Moksha's baby-daddy has been chosen. See much more about him on "foals 2012-2013" page.
April 11: Tristan has guaranteed himself a lease as companion horse for "Sleepy" who lost his pasture mate so tragically. This means I get to keep my handsome boy around for at least one more year. Surely by then I have come to my senses and realize that Tristan is a keeper.
April 3:  Solana went on a trip with mama for a pre-purchase exam. What is little superstar, loading like a champ, jumping around kicking and spinning when mama was flex tested. So to keep technician safe I put a robe on baby and although she has not been restrained like that before, she took it like the sweet girl she is.
Mar 29: Shevelle was inseminated. 2 weeks from now we will shall know if a buckskin baby is on it's way.
Feb 12: BELTONA' FOAL IS HERE!!!! And what a PERFECT beauty she is. See her under foals page.
Feb 2: I have decided to sell a few of the frozen semen doses I still have from D'Artagnan. Please see stallion page for more information.
Jan 22: Camera installed in Beltona's stall. My own private mare stare has started and I suspect a baby in the next 2-3 weeks.
Jan 10
: Beltona is bagging up. She is 6 weeks out. Preparations for a golden baby is in full affect.
Jan 1: I am so excited to see Beltona's foal which is less than 2 months away. She is very large already. Fingers crossed that all goes well.

News From Winners Circle Farm 2011:

Dec 19:
2011 is almost over and it has been an exciting year with a surprise pregnant mare and her successful birth of her black filly Sora, training of D'Artagnan, and some sold horses, amongst them the sweet, and talented D'Artagnan, whom I am looking forward to seeing some foals from. Next year is going to be very exciting and WCF are entering 2012 with some amazing mares, the first foal due end of February, inspections for Tristan, the mares and their foals, training, and hopefully achieving successful pregnancies.  MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL.
Dec 3: I had arranged for Tristan to move over to my mothers place just up the street. She has two geldings and I was envisioning the three of them playing in happy bliss. Well, one of the geldings decided that Tristan was not going to break up his duo, so after relentless chasing, biting and even forcing Tristan to jump a 4 foot fence (cleared it in style), we decided that he would have to come home again. I must say, I am really happy he is back :-)
Nov 13:
Shevelle and Moksha started their long trip from Colorado Friday night. Today Sunday, they arrived safe and sound. Two fantastic mares that I am VERY lucky to have for the next two years. Thank you so much Stephanie!
Nov 9: Sorpresa started her long journey to Mexico at 6am this morning. Fingers crossed for a safe arrival.
Nov 8: Two new very exciting mares will be joining WCF at the end of the week. Both are here on a training/breeding lease from Golden Edge Sports horses.
Oct 27: Met "my" new mare under "mares" page.
Oct 24: D'Artagnan has been sold. My handsome "pale man" has found a new home with Tracie. She feel in love with his quiet demeanor and comfortable movement. I am sad to see him go, but excited as this opens up a door for new equine adventures for me. The process of finding a new golden can now really begin. Tracie, best of luck to you and D'Artagnan and your new life together. I know he will be spoiled and pampered.
Sep19: Zimba left this morning on his journey to Florida where Brittanie awaits his arrival. The sweet boy just stepped right up the ramp on the huge rig that came to pick him up, despite 6am darkness and crazy thunder and lightening. Fingers crossed for a safe arrival.
Sep 7: Zimba has been sold. Congratulations to Brittanie in FL. Zimba is leaving around the 17th to his new home with his excited new owner. He will get a fantastic loving home and a future as an eventing superstar.
Sep 3: Exiting days here at WCF. The sales horses has had a lot of traffic. One step further for me to add another stunning brood mare to the farm to join my lovely Beltona.
Aug 18: Welcome to our two new golden boys; Tristan and Zimba. Both are draft crosses and both are for sale. Check them out on "sales" page
Aug 11
: What an inspection!!!! Esperanza received MAIN MAREBOOK status with great remarks from the judges;  Fantastic neck and fore-end, wonderful reach and great uphill trot and canter. Sorpresa receiced SILVER PREMIUM and got her RPSI brand. GREAT DAY!
Aug 9:
Esperanza is moving to her new home in Sulphur Springs, Texas this coming Saturday.
Aug 7: D'Artagnan was a super star at today's show and scored two first places and HIGH POINT WINNER.

July 24: Sorpresa has been sold to the Flores family. She will have an exciting jumping career in the future. She will remain on Winners Circle Farm till January 2012, so we get to see her develop a little further :-)
June 25: These days the heat is battled by literally sitting on the horse at 6am, and yes, it's still dark then :-)
June 11: D'Artagnan is back in training after a nice 2 week vacation. He is super and picked up right where we left off.
May 18:
Another successful show weekend for D'Artagnan. He is such a super star and is all business when out. He scored two 1st places and two 2nd places. Winners of both the classes where we were 2nd, was my home bred sweet Maximus with new owner Meagan. You guys make a fantastic team, congratulations!!
May 2: DNA has come back determining that Sorpresa is in fact homozygous black. Looking forward to seeing a little black beauty emerge from her baby bay fluffiness.
April 27: 6:40am Esperanza gave birth to a super cute filly (Sorpresa aka Sora). After some initial nursing difficulties Sora got it together and is doing great. Her color is still to be determined :-)
April 21: Beltona checked in foal at 30 days.
April 10: Successful day for D'Artagnan at today's show. He scored 72% on test 1 and 75.4% on test 2 and that got him a 1st and a 2nd place.
April 7: The great Beltona checked in foal. Great news! Crossing fingers that 30 day check also has good news.
April 6: Esperanza is bagging up and looking like she is ready for a baby. Much sooner than we all thought. Now the wait really begins although she hid her secret for most of her pregnancy. I did not plan for this foal, but I must say I am getting pretty darn excited.
March 23: Beltona is at Waller Equine growing a nice big follicle so she is ready for insemination tomorrow. Semen has been ordered and fingers are crossed.
March 15: Well well, surprise from my young mare Esperanza. It appears she was pregnant when I purchased her back in Nov 2010. I started noticing a suspiciously large belly on her and a kick in my face from a very little hoof confirmed to me what I had suspected for a week or so. A palpation has her estimated to be 7-8month pregnant.
March 11: D'Artagnan is off for phantom training and collection until mid March. Even now that he is no longer a virgin he remains a sweet gentleman. The boy has a brain :-)
He will get tested for freeze suitability and overall semen quality. Waller Equine is doing a fantastic job and the staff are all very helpful and knowledgeable.

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